11 Design Tools That Graphic Designer Must Use

Graphic designer drawing on graphics tablet at workplace

Graphic designers usually work on a lot of software tools, which lets them create those visually stunning pieces of artwork. Many designers use the creative suite (Adobe), like (Adobe) InDesign to design e-mailers, magazines, newsletters, posters, book cover art and much more.

Here are the11 design tools that every graphic designer must use.

  • The FontShop – Font type forms a great part of graphic designing. There are many types of fonts, which has its own specific function. The ability to use different types of fonts precisely will bring forth creativity and will add more visual appeal to an artwork. Therefore, in case you want to explore and try out a variety of fonts then Fontshop is an awesome resource for doing so. You can also get access to the new font type releases, which are on their website.
  • DigitalArts – In case you are looking for some kind of motivation for boosting your creative talent, then the Digital Arts Tutorials is the place to go to. It is the best place for any person who wants to learn about graphic designing. The website is home to thousands of web tutorials on all the possible skill set, which a graphic artist would want to possess. Here, a person can learn everything about many techniques and software applications, which are used in graphic designing.
  • Jumpcut – This is a tool for Mac, which lets you increase the size of your clipboard by providing easy access to many items that you have copied. This is good when you copy and paste contents from the client documents.
  • On1 Effects – This gives you everything you need for applying effects to images. The photo editing software is freely available for download and the effects that one can create with it are simply mind-blowing. The software consists of powerful tools, which will make you feel like ditching Adobe Photoshop. It has some features like adjustable filters, 170 presets, live previews and much more using which you can try out and produce many effects, which are simply outstanding.
  • The Noun Project – Whether it is your casual emoticons or the traditional traffic iconic signs, the iconography is getting really popular in the present times. It has great importance as the supporting graphics for content for indicating the meaning of a function or to communicate any information specifically. Presently, the iconography is popularly used in the media business. If you are a graphic designer and you are checking for some particular icon, then the Noun Project will be the best choice for you. The Noun Project has millions of icons, which will surely introduce you to new aspects of iconography and its relevant resourcefulness.
  • GuideGuide – This is a good little plug-in meant for Photoshop, which allows automated layout of guides and grids, forms rows and columns with margins and spacing. One can save their preferred layouts, which makes it easy to get a clean list of guide for every project you begin, and it is available for a free download.
  • Dribbble – This allows users to load their creative work for others to see on its site. This site provides a platform to showcase your creative talent work and also to get some good recognition. Dribble is a global community of millions of creative artists who share their work online with the other professional designers. It has an awesome feature for creating color schemes and also viewing projects in any color that one would want to see.
  • Textures –Textures are used in computer graphics for enhancing the visual impact of an image and for sharpening the visual element of an image via digital reconstruction. It is the online resource that is dedicated to millions of unique textures that is broadly arranged into categories, like the marble, bricks, metal, landscapes, animals, abstract and many more. One can use from a wide variety of textures for designing the image or for enhancing the visual quality of the art work.
  • Shutterstock – This is a famous name in the stock photography industry, which is home to millions of royalty free images, illustrations, vector artwork and also videos. This is one of the best online platforms, which serve the global community of photographers, creative artists and graphic designers.
  • WeTransfer – Files are getting bigger these days, so whether you are sending artwork off to print or for your client to approve it, the file transfer services are really essential in every creative’s person’s list.
  • FiveSecondTest – This is a tool that helps you get feedback on the first impressions of your design. You just have to upload a screenshot of your design mockup, and then set a series of questions and check whether your design passes the five second test; This is available as a free in kind service, or on commercial terms, this website gives crucial external and unbiased feedback from visitors.


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