5 Simple Ways to Get More Followers for Your Instagram Account


Gaining more followers or likes on social media websites would certainly make anyone happy. Among the several such popular sites today, Instagram has a top position and if you still don’t have an account on it you should consider giving it a try to promote your business. Since winning more followers on Instagram is also easy, your business will surely get into the limelight. For those of you who are new to this social networking site, here are some simple ways to get more followers. You can also check http://buyfollowersguide.com to know how to win more followers.  

 Follow Others

 If you want others to follow you, then you have got to follow them as well. This is a simple reciprocation rule, which is common in all social media promotions. Search for brands and users who share your interests. Now, you can like, share, and comment on their photos. The more you happen to engage, the exposure you would get will also be higher!

Host Contests

This is one of the most efficient ways to win new followers and enhance engagement. Hosting a contest is a proven tactic on all social media networks and Instagram is no different. In fact, Instagram has turned out to be a very popular platform for running contests. Ensure to use #contest in order to make it easily discoverable. Also, share your contest on other social media websites such as Facebook.

Use Relevant Hashtags

 Use hashtags relevant to your industry that are also popular. This can help in making your photos more visible. You can conduct a quick Google search to find out the popular hashtags used for organizing photos. Hashtags are very important assets for attracting new followers. Try to choose 1-3 hashtags per photo rather than posting a whole paragraph of hashtags. Anything more than 3 hashtags will look spammy.

Share Photos People Can Relate to

A common theme can be found on most of the popular Instagram accounts. All these photos would be something that most of them can connect with. They are unique, personal, and original. You can establish a connection with the audience by sharing such photos and this is the best way for attracting more followers to your account.

Apart from these techniques, you can also buy Instagram followers if you are a busy person. You can get to know more about buying followers by reading reviews on http://buyfollowersguide.com/instagram-followers-reviews/.


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