Create a Traveling Entertainment Kit For Tots


Here’s a big mom tip coming at you: go buy several tall plastic storage containers. They’ll make your life easier.

Skeptical? Don’t be. I should know, I have 5 kids. Because of the differences in their ages, there’s always several of them on the sidelines while one or more is playing some sport of the season. If you don’t want to keep your kid preoccupied with the concession stand (spending your money and rotting his teeth), then heed my advice and get those plastic storage containers. Here’s why.

They make the most perfect traveling entertainment kit. No, I’m not talking about DSi. If your kids are already entrenched in personal entertainment devices, it’s unlikely that you can tear them away for something as mundane as books. But please try.

For those who haven’t yet succumbed to the sirens song of the digital device, the plastic storage containers will be a great way to create mobile entertainment kits. Think for a minute – what if you always had a “go to” trick up your sleeve? When the kids get restless while at a performance or awaiting brother’s turn at bat, don’t you wish you had something more than a dollar and a fresh bag of Skittles? You have to pay for those teeth, you know.

Pack each of the plastic storage containers with small treats. Nothing expensive, just a mixture of little trinkets or odd bits of toys the kids haven’t seen in awhile. I drop a couple of Hotwheels cars into each container along with a tiny rubber ball, a couple of crayons and a miniature notebook. On the issue of snacks as entertainment, I’ll concede to a package of fruit snacks or maybe a granola bar.

Leave one of the plastic storage containers in each of your vehicles, and pack one in your briefcase. Try to keep one in your purse or bat bag as well. You’ll be glad you did!


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