How to Keep Children Entertained During a Cruise


We have witnessed it before, in one way or another. We have even experienced this ourselves. Nothing is more dangerous than a bored child during a long cruise.

But those who are parents or who have traveled with children, keeping children entertained during the long travel time for peace as well as sanity of fellow adults, not to mention other passengers in the ship, train or plane traveling in sudden screams and cries, not to forget the repeated slogans “we there yet?” They’re totally annoying and embarrassing as well.

The key to having your children not irritate fellow adults and their fellow passengers is to have them entertained. One sure way to keep entertain them is to maintain its focus on books or toys. Every parent and each person who has ever worked closely with a child before knows there are different types of toys appropriate for each age group.

Toddlers, for example, are content to play with anything that is bright, colorful and makes pleasant sounds. Rattling, music-making, the blocks that attach magnetically as well as pop-up toys are best for keeping babies screaming with boredom during the cruise.

If you travel with a child friendly toys to keep the attention of your child are probably things he/she can crush things or split. Nested boxes and items that can fit in the containers are ideal for entertaining children on the road. The other toys which can work equally as well can be blankets, stuffed toys as well as rope toys.

Pre-school and school age children can focus on the toys that engage their minds. They can work in coloring books using crayons and stickers, wipe-off easel, picture books as well as pop-up books. We also have fun playing with puppets, action figures, plastic, putty, micro-machines, puzzles and cards of Pokemon. Higher grade-schoolers can keep busy with audio books that play on a Walkman.

Older children are much, much simpler in handling because they can keep busy all by themselves. They can carry with them the real books or comics, and toys such as travel-size Monopoly, Mastermind, snakes-N’-stairs, Lego/Mastermind. Cards as a deck of cards or letters as Magic: The Gathering, are equally great things to spend time with him during the cruise. Simple games role as Hangman or tic-tac-toe can also be great as well. And then there’s the ever-popular Game Boy. It seems that you can have a child entertained for quite some hours with the Game Boy only.

Children are always few and traveling with them can be a hassle. Therefore, it is not surprising that a large number of parents who choose not to carry them on cruises until when they are a bit older. Keep from being bored on the cruise, however, help much in reducing what grievances you might have to deal with parents while on a cruise with their children.


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