Musical Entertainment in Weddings


Musical entertainment in weddings pep up guests and make an otherwise boring and drab ceremony interesting, exciting and fun.

Wedding ceremony is broadly divided into two events – marriage and reception. This is where musical entertainment acts as a smooth transition from one event to another. Music is a great way for couples to bond together. It makes them share the joys of commitment through celebration with friends and family.

Musical entertainment in weddings is based on the atmosphere and message. It could either be festive and upbeat or quiet and low-key or somewhere in between.

Evolution of Musical Entertainment

Over the years, advances in technology have transformed musical entertainment and today, couples can select from a wide range of recorded music and live musicians.

A popular trend is in having recorded music for the reception and live acoustic music for the ceremony. Acoustic music is usually preferred by those who seek unplugged or unamplified entertainment.

This could either be a vocalist, guitar, piano, harp or their combination. Record music usually indicates mobile disc jockey. DJs are now highly affordable and can play rocking music from any part of the world. Experienced DJs also serve as reception coordinators.

Points to Consider

The best way to find a DJ or musician is purely on personal experience. You can also seek reference from those who have recently tied the knot.

The next best source for all sorts of wedding information is bridal fairs. Here, you can get the best and the talented ones at your fingertips. A good follow up to all of the above is yellow page directories.

Another best way to select DJs is by surfing the net and visiting personal websites. You are sure to find relevant details. Narrow the options down with the above guidelines to make your wedding a musical success.


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